Meet Tammy Collins an Intuitive Creative Visionary Who Turns Passion into Profits

Meet Tammy Collins Intuitive Creative Visionary

Tammy Lynn Collins is an Intuitive Creative Visionary and Brand Strategist Extraordinaire who helps women entrepreneurs turn passion into profits. Find out how Tammy turned her own passion into profits when she bought half a mountain and created Futurology Farms. Then find out how Tammy can help YOU turn YOUR passion into profits. An Interview … Read more

Meet Georgia Varjas – Playwright, Author, Spoken Word Artist and Book Writing Coach

Georgia Varjas Book Writing Coach

Meet the fabulous Georgia Varjas, who has taken her years in showbiz as a saxophonist, playwright, spoken word artist and author of many books and poems, and become a book writing coach, teaching others to do the same. In our recent interview, you will learn how Georgia’s 3 C’s can help you step up and … Read more

Meet Elizabeth Batalla of The Institute for Achievement and Excellence

Elizabeth Batalla The Institute for Achievement and Excellence

Podcast Interview with Elizabeth Batalla, Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for Achievement and Excellence. Elizabeth’s mission is to help women be unstoppable in their professional and personal life. It was such a pleasure interviewing Elizabeth last week.  I’m absolutely delighted to have Liz as our very first guest on the Fempreneurs Unite podcast … Read more