What Is A Fempreneur? | 70 Signs You Are A Fempreneur

What is a Fempreneur?

What Is A Fempreneur? Fempreneurs are women who have taken to entrepreneurship and noticed that they entrepreneur slightly differently from men. Here are some of the differences I’ve found. We help each other RISE I’ve noticed that powerful women uplift and encourage each other. Women entrepreneurs will go to great lengths to promote other ladies … Read more

How to Expand Your Business

Expand Your Business _ fempreneursunite

If you’re getting ready to expand your business there are a few things you need to do before you go ahead and start this dream project. There are so many distractions out there and you want to make sure that you are zeroing in on what is important for your business so that you don’t … Read more

5 Best Strategies For Improving Customer Service Experience

improving customer service

Today’s post covers 5 guidelines for improving customer services experience. Because your customers are the lifeline of your business, it is critical that they constantly feel appreciated, aided, listened to, and confident when they deal with you. It’s well-known that retaining existing clients costs far less than acquiring new ones. Currently, repeat customers account for … Read more

5 Vital Steps To Starting A Financial Services Business

Starting A Financial Services Business

A financial services company focuses on offering strategic financial planning and similar services to clients. It can end up being quite lucrative for anyone who knows what they’re doing. That doesn’t mean starting a financial services business means instant success. It takes years of training, expertise, and a hard working attitude, alongside the ability to … Read more

Meet Julianna Dawson, Author of Inspiring Words: Love’s Journey

Julianna Dawson Author Inspiring Words: Love's Journey

Julianna Dawson is the Author of the Inspiring Words series of books: Love’s Journey and Finding Yourself… and our latest featured Fempreneur! Julianna is also a Certified Life Coach, Keynote and Inspirational Speaker, as well as the Founding President and CEO of Whole Life Change LLC. In her earlier working life, she was a Director of … Read more

Meet Tammy Collins an Intuitive Creative Visionary Who Turns Passion into Profits

Meet Tammy Collins Intuitive Creative Visionary

Tammy Lynn Collins is an Intuitive Creative Visionary and Brand Strategist Extraordinaire who helps women entrepreneurs turn passion into profits. Find out how Tammy turned her own passion into profits when she bought half a mountain and created Futurology Farms. Then find out how Tammy can help YOU turn YOUR passion into profits. An Interview … Read more