5 Ways To Make Hiring Your First Employees Less Daunting

Becoming an employer can seem like a lot of responsibility. However, it could be necessary to take your business in the right direction. Fortunately, there are many ways to make hiring employees less daunting. Below are just some of the things you can do to make hiring your first employees a less daunting task.

5 Ways To Make Hiring Your First Employees Less Daunting

hiring your first employees1. Take a Leadership Course

Not everyone is a natural-born leader. However, most people can learn to be a great leader. A leadership course could help teach some useful skills required to manage people, such as delegating individuals, managing conflict, mentoring employees, and motivating people.

Ultimately, it could make you feel more confident about being a leader if you’ve never previously been in a leadership role (although most of us will have some experience – whether as a parent or an organiser of an event).

2. Automate The Admin

Some people fear having to deal with all the employer admin. However, a lot of this admin can be automated nowadays using software. For example, there are programs that can automatically streamline business processes. For example, it can calculate employee pay and tax, keep track of absence, manage benefit programs, clock employee hours, and create rotas. Learning to use such software could greatly reduce the workload of being an employer.

3. Outsource Help

Most employers will also outsource help. A primary example includes writing employment contracts and maintaining compliance with various employment laws – by outsourcing a lawyer, you can ensure all of these legal tasks are carried out properly. A lot of employers also outsource recruitment agencies when tracking down talent. You can even outsource managed payroll solutions to relieve the task of paying staff. Outsourcing help does mean paying extra money, but it can be worth it for the time saved handling employer matters.

5 Ways To Make Hiring Your First Employees Less Daunting | recruiting

4. Take Your Time Recruiting

There are a lot of steps required when recruiting staff. This is especially the case when taking on your first staff members. You should be wary of setting a deadline too early for taking on employees – it could cause you to rush the recruitment process and make it a lot more stressful. Give yourself ample time to meet requirements (such as taking out insurance), advertise positions, read applications, and interview candidates. With plenty of planning and preparation, you can make it a smooth process and improve your chances of hiring the right people.

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5. Start With a Small Team

You don’t want to go straight from having any employment experience to managing a team of 30 people. If you can, try to start with a small team of no more than 5 employees. It will give you time to adjust to the role of employer and you can gradually take on more responsibility if necessary. If you’re already running a one-person company and just need some assistance here and there, you could even start by taking a single part-time assistant and building from there. This could allow you to ease yourself into the role and reduce the costs of hiring.

Final Thoughts

We hope these five ways to make hiring your first employees less daunting have been insightful and that you will implement these guidelines when building a team for your business to help you reach success.

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