What Is A Fempreneur? | 70 Signs You Are A Fempreneur

What Is A Fempreneur?

Fempreneurs are women who have taken to entrepreneurship and noticed that they entrepreneur slightly differently from men.

Here are some of the differences I’ve found.

We help each other RISE

I’ve noticed that powerful women uplift and encourage each other.

Women entrepreneurs will go to great lengths to promote other ladies who have inspired them.

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Women are generally more supportive of each other than men tend to be. They are less competitive and more collaborative.

Women make exceptional coaches and mentors and usually seek out their own coaches or mentors in order to level up.

70 Signs You Are A Fempreneur

Here are some of the top characteristics I’ve seen in women entrepreneurs.

70 Signs You Are a Fempreneur

Have a look at the list below.  Or a listen… here’s the podcast.

Do you identify with these 70 characteristics of women entrepreneurs?

Perhaps not all of these apply to you but I’ll bet at least 70% of them ring true.

  1. You’re multi-passionate and see opportunities everywhere.  This is likely not your first rodeo.
  2. You’re fabulously interesting and usually the life and soul of the party.
  3. You’re an expert at multi-tasking – capable of wearing ALL the hats in your business.
  4. Your rhythm is not 9-5. You like to set your own hours and are prepared to burn the midnight oil when required. Fempreneurs own their time.
  5. You’re not afraid of hard work or long hours. Fempreneurs work hard and smart.
  6. You’re interested in what makes you tick.
  7. You’re interested in what makes others tick.
  8. You won’t stop until the problem’s solved. You are not a quitter and seldom ask for help.
  9. You have a strong sense of responsibility.
  10. You have a tendency to believe you can and should save the world.
  11. You have a very BIG mission in life. You have a deep driving desire to leave the world a better place.
  12. You were not born to be mediocre. You give your all.
  13. You are not afraid of failure.
  14. Yet you also expect things to go right and make sure they do.
  15. You know your own worth and can sell yourself.
  16. You are positive and optimistic.
  17. You have the courage to ask for the order.
  18. You are fiercely independent.
  19. You are passionately enthusiastic about your ideas.
  20. You have charisma.  People are drawn to you because you’re a people person.
  21. You genuinely care.
  22. You have the ability to get people to know, like and trust you.
  23. You are your brand.
  24. You love your work and most days would rather be working on your business than doing just about anything else.
  25. You are more interested in learning from the school of life than at an institution. Experience and trial and error has made you who you are today.
  26. You’re not a fan of authority – unless you’re the authority.
  27. You like to push the boundaries.
  28. You think outside the box. You are known for having a different take on things.
  29. You enjoy the flexibility of working from home and working from anywhere.
  30. You like working independently, rather than in a team – unless you’re leading the team.
  31. You’re an inspirational leader.
  32. Freedom is more important to you than security.
  33. You’re in comfy jeans most days.  Suits have become less and less important to you over the years.
  34. You’re keenly aware of your faults and always striving to be a better human being.
  35. You struggle to unplug and switch off from business.
  36. Your brain is always at work, figuring out your next brilliant move.
  37. You’re slightly manic. When you’re in creation, you work around the clock. When you rest, you collapse in a heap for a week or take yourself and your loved one’s off on a holiday.
  38. You like to live life on your terms and you like things done your way. As a result, you’ve become more and more unemployable over the years.
  39. You like to be in control of every little aspect of your business.
  40. You’re a perfectionist.  Both quality and speed are important to you but quality trumps speed. You’ve been known to work for hours, days, weeks or months to get your latest brainchild just right.
  41. You’ve been a solopreneur for way too long because you find it tricky to find anyone who can do it as well as you do. You are very picky when it comes to staff.
  42. You prefer to outsource or hire remote workers than hire full-time employees.
  43. You can’t remember a time when you weren’t selling something. Your earliest memory of being an entrepreneur is likely in your formative years.
  44. You’re self-motivated.  Your dreams of success are what get you up in the morning.
  45. You think about Return On Investment. A LOT.  Is this worth your time? Is that worth your money?
  46. You’re a dreamer.  You have big dreams, goals and aspirations.
  47. You want to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren.
  48. You love creating and inventing and it comes naturally to you to promote your creations and inventions.
  49. You don’t like rules and regulations and that is probably the first department you should outsource.
  50. You have strong opinions and you’re not afraid to go against popular opinion.
  51. When you’re in your flow, you get totally lost in your work and have no idea what’s going on around you. You may even forget to eat and take comfort breaks.
  52. You’re not scared of change, you thrive on it. You fly by the seat of your pants.
  53. You always have groupies, friends who support you no matter what.
  54. You are deeply grateful to all those who helped give you a leg up.
  55. You’re an influencer.
  56. You’re an ideas person but you don’t hold onto ideas. If you discover your idea isn’t workable, you move on quickly because you have many more ideas up your sleeve.
  57. You’re so in love with the process of building something that sometimes the end result is a let-down.
  58. Sometimes you forget why you started something in the first place. But who cares, you can always start something new.
  59. You don’t worry too much about the future because you don’t plan to retire.  Why stop working when it feels so good?
  60. Your rewards come from within, you’re intrinsically motivated and not looking for outside recognition – though it’s always a nice surprise.
  61. You’re incredibly ambitious.
  62. You are painfully self-aware.
  63. You are heavily into self-improvement. You’ve read the books and hired the mentors.
  64. You talk about your business way too much. You eat, sleep and drink your calling.
  65. You embrace all people and cultures.
  66. You love life.
  67. You are dynamic. You don’t believe in standing still.
  68. You love taking on new challenges.
  69. You look after your health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) because you know it’s your best asset.
  70. You are no wallflower – you were born to shine.

Are You a Fempreneur?

Have we left any of your most powerful attributes off this list?  What’s the special magic you bring to fempreneurship?

Of course, while the above traits go a long way toward setting you up for success,
it’s important to note that you must turn these attributes into action.

That is, you need to find a way to harvest your skills so that you’re able to set yourself up for success when launching a business.

For example, if you’re a keen problem solver, you can use this to put together a
Business Continuity plan for your business. As described by Kenny Natiss, your
business continuity plan is a system you have in place for responding to
challenges that could otherwise derail your company.

Without this plan, you’d be forced to come up with a solution on the spot – wasting valuable time, money, and energy. Conversely, when you have a pre – established business continuity plan in place, you’ve got a list of instructions written out and ready to follow.

Your continuity plan could help you respond to things such as customer complaints, supply issues, and even data security breaches.

Feel free to join the conversation below or join our tribe on LinkedIn.

22 thoughts on “What Is A Fempreneur? | 70 Signs You Are A Fempreneur”

  1. Great post! Many of these are so true for female entrepreneurs. I would say that my top three are: #11. You have a very BIG mission in life. You have a deep driving desire to leave the world a better place. #65. You embrace all people and cultures and #69. You look after your health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) because you know it’s your best asset.

  2. Oh yes. I ticked many of these boxes. Am definitely a fempreneur and couldn’t imagine being anything else.
    It’s an absolute thrill to gain a new skill which can be turned into a business venture.
    Also to encourage someone who may be uncertain to take a leap of faith.

    • I’m sure you did, Mom. I agree, with all your creative ventures you are a serial entrepreneur and you’ve been a huge encouragement to me with mine too.

  3. Hi Lauren. Thank you for very interesting article. I think every woman, especially one who works in a man’s world needs to have fempreneur part I here. We need to collaborate, support ourselves and focus on people not only on goals. This is our strength and it allows us to be extremely good in the work we do. The best mentor and coach I ever had was a woman and she definitely has most of characteristics you listed.

    • Thank You for your wonderful comment. I love your point about focusing on people rather than goals. 

      Thanks also for sharing your personal experience with a female mentor.  My first boss was a woman and it was also an awesome experience for me. 

  4. Hi Lauren,

    Aww, thank you so much for this article it has made my day! Yes, yes and yes I am a fempreneur. It’s wonderful to have that moment of realization. One of the points that stands out for me is that I am willing to put the hard work into anything I start. And I know that no success comes without hard work!

  5. Reading this blog post, I think that I am a fempreneur for sure haha. Why do I think that? Well, at least a few points in your list are totaly ‘me’. Like these ones: You are positive and optimistic. You are not afraid of failure.You are fiercely independent, and you are passionately enthusiastic about your ideas.

    This all sounds like me and I am sure that I can become a ‘Fempreneur’, thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I absolutely agree! Even as a male entrepreneur, I relate to almost everything you’ve said. There is a pretty harsh but true statement you made there. Guys are generally more competitive and less collaborative. Yes I admit that I tend to have that alpha ego in me as a guy. Guess we boys are just made this way eh. Honestly though the collaborative aspects separate male from female entrepreneurs, we males, especially myself, share similar experiences to the fempreneurs. Keep hustling Lauren!

    • Aah, Thank You for adding the voice of male entrepreneurs, Julian. So happy to hear you identified with this post, both the differences and the similarities. Appreciate your comment.

  7. Women supporting women has got to be my favorite thing about being a feminist. Supporting women in general, not just in the workplace, but in every goal and project each one of us has. It’s empowering to see this dynamic because as you said, men lack some of these characteristics. Maybe they do have them, but they just don’t know how to develop them; who knows! I’m just glad that we, as women, are able to put aside society’s standards and live our life the way we want to while simultaneously empowering other women to do the same. 

    • Wonderfully put, Stephanie. Yes, women have that marvellous gift of being able to believe in themselves and their dreams while supporting other women’s dreams at the same time.

  8. It’s the first time I hear the word fempreneur but I certainly agree with what you wrote. We men have sometimes bigger egos and we don’t take competition lightly. Although this exists in women also I think it is in a far lower degree. Many of the points you wrote I have seen in women that love this kind of work and many of them are really successful in what they do.

    • Aah, thanks for your positive comments Stratos and for sharing your perspective.  Yes, I agree that many women are competitive and indeed, it’s a useful trait in business to be competitive so I’m certainly not knocking it. One of the traits I admire most in super-successful people in any field is that they compete against their own personal best rather than focusing on outside competition. 

  9. Ohh this was an interesting read! I haven’t heard of the word fempreneur before for some reason, don’t ask me why lol! But I’m loving it. I definitely would want to become one though. I like that women are more supportive of each other that’s what gets each other going so it’s essential!

    I feel like I can totally relate to some of these points, hopefully meaning I can become a fempreneur!

    • Aah, lovely Sariyah!  If you resonate with the term Fempreneur, I’m sure you are one. 🙂  Are you a woman with her own business?  Or do you aspire to have your own business?  That automatically qualifies you as a Fempreneur. 

  10. Hey there Lauren,

    You are so right by saying that women will go to great lengths to promote other women that inspired them. I have preached to my wife so many times but she never listens, yet she will come back telling me the exact same thing that she heard from another woman. I find that so funny. 

    My wife also has many of the 70 characteristics you have mentioned so she is definitely a Fempreneur. I will be directing her to your site for more valuable information.



  11. Even as a male, I find your site refreshing. I am against any form of inequality, whether it be Ageism, Sexism or even “Youthism”. I think there should be more sites like yours enforcing gender equality. Hats off to you for your awesome article. To form a group of like minded people is admirable to say the least.


    • Thanks so much, Steve for your interesting response to this post.  You make excellent points. It made me realise I am also against form of inequality as well as any form of extremism, though had never really thought about it in that way. 


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